Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh Sergey Ghazaryan Met with the Delegation Headed by Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo


On August 30, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh Sergey Ghazaryan met in Kornidzor with Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and her delegation members who had arrived in Armenia to accompany the humanitarian cargo sent from France to Artsakh and to assess the situation on the ground. The delegation comprised heads of several regions, Mayors, and representatives of local self-government bodies of France.

During the meeting, Sergey Ghazaryan expressed his deep gratitude to the people of France, represented by Anne Hidalgo, for taking active steps to support the people of Artsakh, who have been under siege for almost 9 months, and for consistently raising at various levels the issue of humanitarian crisis in Artsakh caused by Azerbaijan's illegal actions.

"It is noteworthy that French politicians with different, sometimes opposite political stances, have taken a united position on the issue of supporting the people of Artsakh," Minister Ghazaryan stressed.

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh briefed the delegation members on the disastrous situation that had arisen in various fields in Artsakh due to the blockade and on the activities towards overcoming the challenges.

Sergey Ghazaryan highlighted the importance of a clear political and legal assessment of the genocidal actions of Azerbaijan by the international community and the use of appropriate measures, including individual sanctions, which will enable to prevent the impending tragic developments in Artsakh.

The sides discussed a range of issues related to further cooperation.

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