Interview of Republic Artsakh Foreign Minister David Babayan to Dr Jawad Albadeny for the Arabic Information-Analytical Website


What is the status of post-war Karabagh and what status will the efforts of the NKR authorities be aimed at in the future?

The status of Karabagh after the third Karabagh war unleashed by Azerbaijan, Turkey and international terrorists has not actually changed. The aggression was aimed at the complete destruction of the Republic of Artsakh, its people and statehood. But, the criminal plans of this alliance have not been materialized. Despite heavy human, material and territorial losses, the Republic of Artsakh has preserved its independence and statehood. We are still an established independent state fighting for its international recognition.


What is the status of the Russian peacekeepers in Karabagh? Do they contact directly with the NKR authorities or act through the authorities of Armenia or Azerbaijan?

After the Third Karabagh war, the Russian peacekeeping forces were deployed in Artsakh, which are one of the key guarantors of stability and peace in the region, as well as the security of the Republic of Artsakh. We highly appreciate this role, as well as the contribution of the Russian peacekeepers to the process of reconstruction and post-conflict rehabilitation of our country. We have direct, fairly close and fraternal relations with the Russian peacekeepers.


Is the NKR maintaining relations with other countries after the war?

The Nagorno Karabagh Republic has quite extensive relations with many countries. At the state level, we were recognized by Abkhazia, Pridnestrovie, South Ossetia, as well as a number of American and Australian States, cities and municipalities of America and Europe. The Armenian Diaspora, which is a kind of bridge connecting our country with different states, also contributes to the strengthening and developing relations with different countries. The Republic of Artsakh also has its Representation Offices abroad.


How do you assess the prospects for establishing relations with Arab countries, given that the relations of some Arab countries with Turkey cannot be considered good?

The Arab world is of particular importance for us. Our relationship with the Arabs and the Arab civilization are centuries-old.

I would like to note, for example, that in due time Artsakh played a key role in the history of Islam. In the 9th century, it was Artsakh that neutralized one of the greatest threats ever facing Islam - the Babek revolt (826-837 AD). If successful this uprising could have ruined the Islamic civilization and today we would have a totally different world.

As for modern history, we all remember very well the helping hand extended by the Arab peoples to the Armenians during the monstrous Genocide perpetrated by the Turks in 1915-1923. Tens of thousands of Armenians found their second homeland in such Arab countries as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and others. These countries made it possible for our compatriots to feel safe and fully realize themselves. We are very grateful to the Arabs for all this.

Today, the Armenian communities of the Arab countries are one of the most organized segments of our Diaspora actively promoting the establishment of friendly and fraternal relations between our peoples and states. There are great opportunities and a wide scope of work here.

As for Turkey, this country is conducting destructive and subversive work in various regions, especially along the perimeter of its borders, and this is a threat not only for Arab countries. By its actions, active support of radical and terrorist groups Turkey poses a threat to Islam as a whole, undermining this great world religion from the inside. I am sure that the Arab world realizes this as well.

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