Artsakh Foreign Minister Masis Mayilian's answer to the question of Agency


- Mr. Mayilian, in late June, you received the delegation of the Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center of Armenia. According to the official press release, during the meeting, the sides touched upon the opportunities of the organization’s contribution to the development of civil society institutions in Artsakh and their involvement in the public life, as well as discussed the prospects of cooperation between the authorities of Artsakh and the Transparency International in the context of the upcoming presidential, parliamentary elections as well as elections to local self-government bodies. And it has recently been reported that the Government of the Republic of Armenia has allocated a considerable amount of money from the reserve fund to carry out an observation mission at the elections to the local self-government bodies in this September in Artsakh. How do you evaluate this decision?

- I stressed during the meeting you have mentioned and still reiterate the importance of the participation of local and international observers in bringing the electoral processes in the Republic in line with international standards. I consider it a proper decision by the RA Government to allocate a certain amount of money to carry out an observation mission at the elections to the local self-government bodies in Artsakh this September, aimed at creating additional guarantees by the Republic of Armenia for the free expression of will by the people of Artsakh. Moreover, this will contribute to the development of the local observational network, the development of local potential and the acquisition of modern experience.

I am sure that this will begin the coordinated support of the establishment and development of civil society in Artsakh. I welcome the observation of holding unconditionally free, fair and transparent elections in Artsakh as a Pan-Armenian priority.

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