Answers of Foreign Minister of the NKR Karen Mirzoyan to the Questions of the News Site


Question: How would you comment on the current situation on the Line of Contact created as a result of violations of the ceasefire regime by Azerbaijan?

Answer: In late July - early August, the Azerbaijani armed forces launched a series of acts of subversive actions and attempts to penetrate into the territory of Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR), which were effectively prevented by the NKR Defense Army.

This new adventure of Azerbaijan, which has resulted in large number of human casualties and caused a drastic escalation of tensions in the conflict zone, is primarily aimed at undermining the mediation efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries dealing with the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict.

The NKR authorities have repeatedly drawn the attention of the mediators and the international community as a whole to the ongoing attempts by Azerbaijan to destabilize the situation and the need to take practical and effective measures to put an end to them.

Unfortunately, the lack of an adequate assessment and a strong and targeted condemnation of violations of the ceasefire continue to generate a false sense of permissiveness and impunity in Azerbaijan, which, against the background of complete detachment from the realities of the conflict and the negotiation process, leads only to growing tensions and deterioration of the situation.

The current drastic escalation of tensions on the Line of Contact between the armed forces of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan marked the culmination of numerous provocations and violations of the ceasefire by Azerbaijan over the past few months.

Question: What measures should be taken to reduce tensions and ensure stability on the Line of Contact?

Answer: The Karabakh side will continue to thwart any attempts of Azerbaijan to destabilize the situation on the front line and to increase the level of tension in the conflict zone.

At the same time, being committed exclusively to the peaceful settlement of the conflict, we believe that recent events indicate the need to intensify efforts to develop and take urgent measures to de-escalate tensions and build confidence and security on the Line of Contact.

The NKR has consistently come up with initiatives to reduce tensions and promote stability and predictability on the Line of Contact between the armed forces of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan, which last time were summarized in the statement of the NKR MFA of May 12, 2014.

We believe that immediate implementation of the mentioned urgent measures, as well as the development of effective mechanisms to investigate violations of the ceasefire will allow stabilizing the situation and quickly addressing potential incidents on the Line of Contact in the future.

On its part, the NKR is ready to provide the international community with detailed information on the recent incidents and contribute to strengthening of the ceasefire and creating conditions for the peaceful settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh.

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