Commentary of the NKR MFA Press Service


In connection with the protest of the Azerbaijani MFA against the visit of Cyprus experts to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic for participation in round-table discussions on the experience of peacemaking and peaceful coexistence, the leadership of International Alert British organization issued a press release, which, in particular, reads that the Karabakh conflict parties and regional authorities were informed of a series of round-table discussions and meetings. At the same time, the press release doesn’t specifically note that just the statement of the Azerbaijani Foreign Office became the ground for the unsound stir around the event, noting indefinitely “some publications in the mass media”, which forced the International Alert to make corresponding clarifications.

Besides, the press release confirms that the round table organizers provided all the parties with the details of the coming events and had consultations with the region's official and civil society representatives. Meanwhile, the authorities of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic didn’t instruct the event's organizers, but didn’t hamper its holding either.

The NKR MFA Press Service appeals to the international organizations for calling things by their proper names to avoid further misunderstandings.

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