Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh

non-official translation

The People of Artsakh

demonstrating a strong will to develop and defend the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh established on September 2, 1991 on the basis of the right to self-determination, and proclaimed independent through a referendum conducted on December 10, 1991;

affirming faithfulness to the principles of the Declaration of State Independence of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh adopted on January 6, 1992;

highlighting the role of the Constitution adopted in 2006 in the formation and strengthening of independent statehood;

developing the historic traditions of national statehood;

inspired by the firm determination of the Motherland Armenia and Armenians worldwide in supporting the people of Artsakh;

staying faithful to the dream of their ancestors to freely live and create in their homeland, and keeping the memory of the perished in the struggle for freedom alive;

exercising their sovereign and inalienable right

adopt the Constitution of the Republic of Artsakh.