Chapter 3: Legislative Guarantees and Main Objectives of State Policy in Economic, Social and Cultural Spheres

Article 81. Working Conditions

Every worker shall, in accordance with law, have the right to healthy, safe and decent working conditions, to limitation of maximum working hours, to daily and weekly rest, as well as to annual paid leave.

Article 82. Social Security

Everyone shall, in accordance with law, have the right to social security in cases of maternity, having many children, sickness, disability, accidents at work, need of care, loss of bread-winner, old-age, unemployment, loss of employment, and in other cases.

Article 83. Decent Living and Minimum Salary

1. Every person in need and the elderly shall, in accordance with law, have the right to a decent living.
2. The minimum salary shall be prescribed by law.

Article 84. Health Care

Everyone shall, in accordance with law, have the right to health care. The law shall prescribe the list of free of charge basic medical services and the procedure for the provision thereof.

Article 85. Main Objectives of State Policy

The main objectives of state policy in the economic, social and cultural spheres shall be as follows:

1) improving the business environment and promoting entrepreneurship;
2) promoting the employment of the population and improving the working conditions;
3) performing special care to the families of persons disabled or fallen for the defence of the homeland;
4) fostering housing construction;
5) promoting actual equality between women and men;
6) promoting birth and having many children;
7) creating favourable conditions for the full and comprehensive development of individuality in children;
8) implementing programmes for population’s health care and improvement, creating conditions for effective and affordable medical services;
9) implementing programmes for disability prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of persons with disability, promoting the participation of persons with disability in public life;
10) protecting consumer rights and exercising supervision over the quality of goods, services and works;
11) ensuring proportional territorial development;
12) ensuring development of physical culture and sports;
13) promoting the participation of youth in political, economic and cultural life;
14) ensuring development of free of charge higher and other vocational education;
15) ensuring development of fundamental and applied sciences;
16) contributing to free access by everyone to national and universal values;
17) promoting charity for the establishment, financing of cultural, educational, scientific, healthcare, athletic, social and other institutions, as well as for ensuring financial independence thereof.

Article 86. Fulfillment of Main Objectives of State Policy

1. Within the framework of their competences and possibilities, state and local self-government bodies shall be obliged to fulfil the objectives prescribed by Article 85 of the Constitution.
2. Within the framework of the report provided for by Point 17 of Article 93 of the Constitution, the President of the Republic shall submit information regarding fulfilment of the objectives prescribed by Article 85 of the Constitution.