Statement of the Artsakh Foreign Ministry on the Occasion of Holding an Event in Shoushi Dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of Azerbaijan's Membership to the UN


Official Baku, in line with its style, continues to wage a destructive policy aimed at legitimizing the results of its aggression against Artsakh, trying to involve and exploit the international community and various structures in that process. The organization in Artsakh’s occupied town of Shoushi of a solemn ceremony dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Azerbaijan's membership to the United Nations and the participation of representatives of the UN and its structures in this event is another manifestation of this policy.

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh strongly condemns the holding of such an event in Shoushi.

The participation of the UN representatives in the event organized in the town, which has been one of the main targets of Azerbaijan's aggression and Armenophobia, contradicts the principles of activities, ideology and mission of this influential international organization, and will be undoubtedly used by Azerbaijan to legitimize its inhumane and aggressive policy. This is also a serious blow to the reputation of the UN, which will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the organization’s activities.

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