Municipal Council of the French city of Vienne unanimously passes resolution in support of Artsakh


On 19 October, Municipal Council of the French city of Vienne unanimously passed a resolution in support of Artsakh, calling on the French government to recognize the Republic of Artsakh.

Below is the unofficial translation of the resolution:

While the whole world is in the midst of an unprecedented healthcare, economic and social crisis, since Sunday, 27 September, we have been witnessing an unprecedented war waged by the Azerbaijani armed forces against the military and the civilian populations of Artsakh and Armenia.

This land has been inhabited by Armenians for thousands of years. In 1921 it was annexed to Azerbaijan by an arbitrary and unilateral decision of Joseph Stalin. Starting from 1988, the peoples' desire for freedom forced the Soviet Socialist Republics to become independent states, which were immediately recognized under international law. The people of Artsakh thus declared an independent republic as a result of a referendum. Azerbaijan, wishing to conquer this territory inhabited by more than 95% Armenians, started a ruthless war. The Minsk Group, co-chaired by Russia, France and the United States, has been set up in the international arena to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

We welcome the positive stance of France, which calls for an immediate ceasefire and the resumption of peace talks as soon as possible, calling on Europe and NATO to take responsibility.

Since 2014, the city of Vienne has been participating in this struggle for peace by signing a declaration of friendship with the city of Hadrut in the south of Artsakh. This provided an opportunity to establish ties with the Hadrut municipality. Since the signing of the declaration, associations operating in Vienne have also joined this initiative, aiming to implement educational and cultural programs for Hadrut.

The Armenians of Artsakh and Armenia want to live freely and peacefully in their ancestral lands.

Therefore, the Vienne Municipal Council reaffirms its support for the civilian population affected by this conflict and appeals to French government to recognize the Republic of Artsakh, as this is a guarantee of the security of its population, as well as for regional and global stability.

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