Comment by the Information and Public Relations Department of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh


In connection with the comment by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry of March 11, 2020 regarding the situation developed as a result of the provocations launched by the Azerbaijani side on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, we consider it necessary to note the following:

The attempts to justify the provocations, committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on March 6 and 10, with the unresolved Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict are an example of the irresponsible policy of the Azerbaijani authorities in respect of compliance with their obligations on maintaining regional peace and security. Such a stance of Baku is another evidence that the provocations were intentional and aimed at expanding the zone of instability.

In addition, the comment contains allegations that deliberately distort the cause-and-effect relationships of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict. The conflict arose as a result of Azerbaijan’s efforts to suppress the peaceful aspiration of the people of Artsakh to realize its inalienable right to self-determination. First, the Azerbaijani authorities, in order to intimidate the people of Artsakh, planned and carried out mass killings of the Armenian population and ethnic cleansing in Sumgait, Baku, Mingechaur and other settlements of Azerbaijan, as well as deportation of the population of Northern Artsakh. But, failing to break the will of the people of Artsakh, the Azerbaijani authorities unleashed a total war against it, aimed at its extermination. The responsibility for the consequences of this war lies fully with Azerbaijan as the initiator of the outbreak of hostilities and their consistent escalation.

The Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict, which began with mass violations of the rights of the people of Artsakh, continues to this day precisely because of the unwillingness of the Azerbaijani side to relinquish its destructive policy, which is the main source of threats to regional peace and security.

Baku’s refusal of the illusions of restoring its “territorial integrity” will help to proceed with the peace process.

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