Deputy Foreign Minister's Working Visit to the Republic of Cyprus Continues


On March 8, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh Armine Aleksanyan, who is on a working visit in the Republic of Cyprus, met with representatives of the Armenian Diaspora organizations in Cyprus. The meeting was organized at the initiative of state representative of the Armenian community in the Parliament of Cyprus, Member of the Parliament  Vardges Mahtesyan.   

During the meeting, the Deputy Foreign Minister presented the priorities of the foreign policy of Artsakh, in particular, touched upon the processes of international recognition of Artsakh and expansion of international cooperation, as well as the current stage of the peaceful settlement of the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict.  

At the request of the participants of the meeting, Armine Aleksanyan also briefed on the current realities in Artsakh, stressing the importance of the March 31 national elections in the Republic in terms of continued strengthening of the democratic statehood.  

Armine Aleksanyan also touched upon the Artsakh-Diaspora relations, stressing the role of the Armenian community structures in preserving the Armenian identity in the Diaspora and implementing different programs in the homeland, in particular, in Artsakh, aimed at the development of strategically significant spheres. The sides noted the importance of holding such meetings periodically, aimed at exchanging views on new directions of cooperation and outlining further steps.

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