Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh Armine Alexanyan is on a Working Visit in the Republic of Cyprus


On March 6, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Artsakh Armine Alexanyan, who is on a working visit in the Republic of Cyprus, participated in an event dedicated to Artsakh, which was organized at the initiative of the Armenian National Committee of Cyprus. The establishment of a Circle of Friendship with Artsakh in Cyprus, which comprises of members of the Cypriot parliament, City Council, distinguished political figures and scientists was announced at the event.

In her speech, the Deputy Foreign Minister presented the priorities of the foreign policy of Artsakh and the realities in the Republic. She also briefed on the steps towards the establishment of foreign relations at different levels, stressing the importance of the format of parliamentary diplomacy in expanding the involvement of Artsakh in international processes.

Armine Aleksanyan underlined the role of the Groups and Circles of Friendship with Artsakh operating in a number of countries in raising awareness of Artsakh, as well as in creating favorable conditions for the establishment of bilateral relations in various fields.

In this context, the Deputy Foreign Minister stressed the importance of establishment of the Circle of Friendship with Artsakh in Cyprus, which will allow to focus the efforts on strengthening and developing the cooperation between the two countries at the institutional level, as well as contributing to raising awareness of Artsakh and promoting the interests of the Republic in Cyprus. շ

Armine Alexanyan highlighted the importance of the active involvement of the Diaspora in the implementation of various development programs in Artsakh, as well as its efficient contribution to the establishment and expansion of foreign relations of the Republic.

Earlier in the day, the Deputy Foreign Minister, accompanied by head of European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy Kaspar Karampetian and the representatives of Armenian National Committee of Cyprus, met with Archbishop Khoren Doghramadjian, the General Catholicosal Vicar of the Armenian Prelature of Cyprus of the Armenian Apostolic Church as well as the leaders and representatives of Cypriot-Armenian organizations. They mutually stressed the importance of holding meetings in such format as a good opportunity to have discussion on issues of Pan-Armenian significance. Deputy Foreign Minister also visited the Nareg Armenian School and met the leadership and the students of the school.

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