Foreign Minister of Artsakh Received Prominent Businessman from Lebanon


On July 9, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh Republic) Masis Mayilian received the Lebanese businessman, Nicolas Abou Fayssal.

Masis Mayilian welcomed the visit of Nicolas Abou Fayssal to Artsakh, noting the importance of familiarizing the Lebanese entrepreneur with the economic potential of the Republic. T

he Foreign Minister of Artsakh noted that the development of foreign economic relations and attraction of foreign investments are among the priorities of the Foreign Ministry and profile structures of the Republic, and for the complex implementation of these tasks the authorities of Artsakh are taking consistent steps to ensure stable and transparent frameworks for economic activity in the country and to establish a favorable investment climate.

During the meeting, Masis Mayilian also briefed the Lebanese businessman on the situation created in the Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict zone and on the steps taken to ensure security and conditions for the peaceful development of Artsakh.

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