Comment by Artsakh Foreign Minister Karen Mirzoyan to Artsakh Public TV


Question: How would you comment on the elements aimed at the settlement of the Azerbaijani- Karabakh conflict voiced by US Co-Chair of the Minsk Group Richard Hogland?

Answer: The elements voiced by US Co-Chair Richard Hogland do not contain anything new and are a paraphrase of the Madrid principles that have been repeatedly published.

Our position with respect to such proposals is known and remains unchanged. Any model of the settlement of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict, aimed at ensuring a stable and long-term peace, is impossible without the full participation of the Artsakh party at all stages of the negotiation process and cannot ignore the existing realities.

The April war of 2016 clearly demonstrated that approaches, disconnected with reality, are dangerous and can pave the way for unpredictable developments.

Today, first of all, it is necessary to take consistent steps to ensure the irreversibility of the peace process and the implementation of the agreements reached, in particular, on the implementation of mechanisms for investigating cease-fire violations.

Unrealized agreements become ballast and prevent the possibility of positive change in the negotiations.

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