NKR Foreign Minister Gave an Interview to Echo of Moscow Radio Station


In an interview to Echo of Moscow Radio Station aired on March 4, 2013 minister of foreign affairs of Nagorno Karabakh Republic Karen Mirzoyan answered to a range of questions of Evgeny Buntman including the ones concerning the current stage and prospects of the settlement of the conflict between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan as well as NKR’s position on foreign policy issues.

“Unfortunately, we do not register the progress in the negotiation process, which we would like to see… And first of all we think it happens because Nagorno Karabakh is not a full party of the negotiation process” – said the minister. He emphasized that the full involvement of the NKR as a party of negotiations at all stages would allow reaching real breakthrough and achieving our ultimate goal – conflict settlement between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

Karen Mirzoyan noted that there is a common understanding that the key element should be the expression of the free will of the people of Nagorno Karabakh. “This will must be considered”, - said the minister.

Answering to the question about the chances of NKR’s recognition, Karen Mirzoyan noted: “I’m confident that sooner or later Karabakh will become a recognized member of the international community.” He also stressed that the NKR’s recognition will create more favorable conditions for the settlement of the conflict with Azerbaijan.

Concerning the concept of the conflict settlement the foreign minister stressed that it was unacceptable that separate elements of the conflict settlement are being wrested from the common context and considered in totally other context, different from the common direction of the negotiation process.

“Our position has always been the following: the negotiation process, all the issues which are on the negotiation table are inseparable from each other and they must be discussed and resolved simultaneously” – stressed Karen Mirzoyan.

The full text of the interview of minister of the foreign affairs of NKR Karen Mirzoyan can be found here:

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