Meeting at the NKR MFA


On April 22, Foreign Minister of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Georgy Petrossian received a delegation from France headed by Deputy of the French Parliament, Mayor of Alforwill city Rene Rouke.

Greeting the guests, Georgy Petrossian noted the importance of the visit for familiarizing with the NKR realities and their fair introduction to the European community.

The guests noted that the main goal of their visit was to show Artsakh to a group of pupils of Dprocaser French classical school, whose visit was organized by benefactor Sargis Bedoyan.

According to Rene Rouke, for the 20 years of its independence, Nagorno Karabakh has managed to achieve much in the spheres of state building, civil society development, and post-war rehabilitation. Vice-Mayor of Alforwill Richard Ananian and other delegation members expressed their readiness for further support to the Artsakh people's aspirations.

The NKR Foreign Minister introduced to the guests the basic stages of the Karabakh National-Liberation Movement and state building, noting that the Republic had passed from the rehabilitation stage to the development one, realizing a corresponding strategic program. He emphasized that the adoption of the Republic’s Constitution in 2006 had become a turning point and summarized all the achievements for the years of building our independent statehood.

Georgy Petrossian expressed his gratitude to the French delegation members for their support in the issue of the just settlement of the Karabakh issue.

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