The NKR Foreign Minister: "The international community should display a stricter attitude to Azerbaijan’s military rhetoric"


On February 28, during the visit to the United States of America, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Georgy Petrosyan delivered a report at the event dedicated to the Karabakhi problem, organized in the American Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The NKR Foreign Minister presented in his report the stance of the Karabakhi leadership concerning the Azerbaijani-Karabakhi conflict. At the same time, he underlined the necessity and inevitability of the NKR's direct participation in the negotiations for the conflict settlement.

The Minister noted that the international community should display a stricter attitude to Azerbaijan’s military rhetoric which considerably hinders the negotiation process. After his speech, Georgy Petrosyan answered the questions of those present – experts of different analytical centers of the USA.

Then, the Head of the NKR Foreign Office held a meeting with Co-Chairman of the Armenian Caucus of the US Congress Frank Pallone. During the meeting, Georgy Petrosyan expressed gratitude to the American Congressman for his constant support to Artsakh. NKR Permanent Representative to the USA Robert Avetisyan attended the meeting.

The same evening, the Minister made a speech at the US Congress at the event in commemoration of the victims of the Armenian pogroms in the Azerbaijani cities of Sumgait and Baku. In his speech, the Head of the NKR Foreign Office noted that Armenians all over the world expect from the international community a strict condemnation of the crimes committed in Sumgait, Baku and other Azerbaijani settlements.

US Congressmen Frank Pallone, Anna Eshoo, Eliot Engel, Jackie Spier and Brad Sherman, RA Ambassador to the USA Tatul Margaryan and others spoke at the event. They condemned the massacre of the Armenians in Sumgait and expressed readiness to continue their efforts directed to a just solution of the Karabakhi problem.

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