Commentary of the NKR MFA Press Service


Lately, the information of the Polish MFA on the visit of European Parliament's Deputy, main Reporter on Armenia Thomas Poreba to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic in December 2010, which was placed at the website of the Embassy of Poland to Azerbaijan, became a subject of speculations for the propaganda machine of Baku.

Surely, the information of the Polish MFA on the undesirability of visits to the NKR is of recommendation-informational character, which is, in particular, confirmed by the absence of this information at the Polish MFA website. But, as usual, official Baku exaggerates this issue.

However, the position of the Polish authorities seems to be strange, as this country is one of the initiators of the EU program of Western Partnership based on the principles of democracy and international law. Don't thus the Polish authorities violate the rights and freedoms of their own citizens? Especially that nobody has repealed the international conventions on the right to free movement and receipt of true information. It is quite suitable to ask Polish Foreign Minister, Sir Radoslav Sikorsky whether this restriction concerns also Polish citizen Andrzej Kasprzyk.

Though, to all appearance, there are not many people impressed by the threats of the officials of Baku. Despite the fact that Baku considers foreign citizens' visits to Artsakh a penal crime, tens of thousands of foreign citizens – tourists, political figures, businessmen, artists, journalists, including representatives of the states maintaining most friendly relations with Azerbaijan, in particular, Turkey – visited the NKR after the declaration of its independence.

Moreover, the number of foreign tourists visiting Artsakh, including from the EU states, is increasing from year to year. Many foreigners visit the NKR repeatedly. The geography of the states, from which tourists arrive in Artsakh, is expanding. First in 2010, citizens of Gabon and Cot d’Ivuar visited the NKR.

This testifies that the interest towards Artsakh is increasing in the world from year to year, in spite of the active opposition of Azerbaijan and its announcement of foreign citizens visiting the NKR personae non grata. The tourists are attracted by ancient historical monuments, rich nature, good ecology, and others. But, the main wealth of the country, according to them, is its people’s benevolence and hospitality.

Surely, the NKR will henceforth pay special attention to the Polish citizens who, ignoring any artificial bans, will visit the NKR.

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