Commentary of the NKR MFA Press Service


Azerbaijani MFA Press Secretary Elkhan Polukhov made regular attempts to introduce negatively the Karabakh party, stating this time about Armenians’ destruction of the Azerbaijani cemeteries.

We should note that unlike our neighbors, who are barbarously destructing the Armenian monuments in the territories under their control so far, the NKR authorities took under their own protection all the Muslim monuments in the NKR territory, including the Azerbaijani cemeteries, from the first days of the war imposed by Azerbaijan, which could be witnessed by numerous international and Azerbaijani delegations visiting Nagorno Karabakh.

As of the photo-materials allegedly testifying to the destruction of the Azerbaijani cemeteries by Armenians, it is obvious that certain destructions at the noted cemetery were caused by the military activities during the war unleashed just by Azerbaijan. Polukhov tries to gamble just on this. Unfortunately, such fabrications and forgeries have been practiced by the Azerbaijani propaganda machine since long ago. Everybody still remember the attempts of the Heydar Aliyev Fund, which is under the top patronage of the Aliyevs family, to introduce the pictures taken in Kosovo as those of the Khojalu events.

Polukhov’s statements can be evaluated as a regular attempt to cast a shade on the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and draw the international community’s attention away from the vandalism organized systematically by the Baku authorities, in particular, the destruction of the primarily Armenian Narimanov cemetery in Baku on the pretext of building a highway, or the recent destruction of khachkars (cross stones) in Old Jugha in Nakhichevan where no military activities took place.

To confirm the abovementioned, let’s give an extract from the recently published international report on religious freedoms of the USA Department of State’s Bureau on Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: “The hatred towards the ethic Armenians made the majority of them to leave the country in the period between 1988 and 1990, and all the Armenian churches, the majority of which were destroyed during the ethnic-base mass riots (over ten years ago), are still closed”.

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