NKR Foreign Minister, “The Status of Nagorno Karabakh is the Keystone to the Settlement”


“To briefly characterize the 15-year cease-fire, it is extension of the Karabakh statehood’s formation and alignment of a dynamic system, which has proved its vitality so far”, stated NKR Foreign Minister Georgy Petrossian in his interview to the NKR Public Television Vestnik (Reporter) program.

“Surely, there are things, which are not going in the way we’d ideally like to, but I believe that we have succeeded in solving the most fundamental issues, such as creation of an army – one of the most important security guarantees, and alignment of a domestic system of state administration. All this, actually, took place in the conditions of war and post-war armistice”, noted the NKR Foreign Minister.

At the same time, Georgy Petrossian emphasized that for the Karabakh party, the future status of Nagorno Karabakh was the keystone to the settlement.

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