Information of the NKR State Commission on prisoners of war, the missing and hostages


On February 6, 2008, at 14.40 p.m., through the intermediary of the Stepanakert office of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), the repatriation of corpse of the NKR citizen Bad Tadevosyan, killed on January 26, took place near Bash Qarvend village in the Aghdam direction of the line of contact of the Azerbaijani and NKR Armed forces.

Despite the fact that Bad Tadevosyan’s corpse had been in the Azerbaijani territory for more than ten days, only on February 5, the Azerbaijani party informed the ICRC of its readiness to return the corpse to the Karabakhi party.

Meanwhile, it should be mentioned that in analogous cases the Karabakhi side always informs the local offices of the ICRC and the OSCE immediately. For instance, the NKR authorities, strictly following the principles of the Geneva conventions, had immediately returned the corpse of the Azerbaijani soldier, killed as a result of the recent similar incident in the south-eastern direction of the line of contact of the NKR and Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The NKR State Commission on prisoners of war (POWs), the missing and hostages once again draws attention to the fact, that Bad Tadevosyan was a civilian, and not a serviceman, as the Azerbaijani propaganda tried to represent him. Before his death he was in civilian clothes - in a shirt and jeans; the Azerbaijani TV channels had themselves shown that in the beginning. However, subsequently the killed unexpectedly appeared in a military uniform, and with the differential signs of the Azerbaijani Army. Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani mass media turned this process into a political show. Moreover, facts of the copse humiliation are apparent.

Sharply criticizing similar actions, the NKR State Commission on prisoners of war (POWs), the missing and hostages, appeals to the Azerbaijani authorities to follow the principles of the Geneva conventions and not to politicize humanitarian issues.

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